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1.The Department of Training Assessment
The Department of Training Assessment
Mid-long term development training of senior civil servants
To meet the needs of the individual and of the Commission, the training programs are focused on capacity building and are different from other programs that focus on skills development or on-the-job training. To perfect the selection and training process, the assessment center method is used to ensure that personnel participating in training possess development potential. In addition, the Commission develops learning maps, arranges internships and overseas training, and carries out assessments for managerial skills. All these training courses are offered to cultivate senior civil servants who will possess excellent management skills, forward-looking leadership style, and democratic decision-making abilities.
Establish training systems for senior civil servants to develop capable human resource for policy implementation
The Commission will continue to improve development training of senior civil servants. In this regard, the Commission will establish relevant training schemes and competency assessment methods to better understand the competencies and training required in government agencies. Objective training assessment methods will be deployed to improve human resource training and increase government efficiency.
Organize overseas training to help expand the global vision of civil servants
To expand the global vision of senior civil servants, each year the Commission invites national civil service training institutions from Europe and the United States to organize joint training sessions.
Explore methods to improve civil service training to improve training quality
The Commission adopts training assessment methods to increase the reliability and validity of training assessment, so as to ensure the competence of personnel who have undergone training and help trainees become more prepared for their future assignments.

Conduct training to improve core competencies at all levels of the public service
The Commission collects information in a systematic manner through surveys of training needs of different government agencies and core competencies assessments. Based on the collected information, the Commission is able to determine the core and specialized competencies required at all levels of the civil service and thus design corresponding training courses that can help nurture and develop such competencies. This approach ensures that the training outcome will meet the requirements of not only the trainees, but also of the government agencies and departments concerned.
Establish assessment and tracking mechanisms to ensure consistency between training and actual requirements
To quickly reflect the effectiveness of training, the Commission will establish mechanisms to assess and track the results of the mid-long term development training of senior civil servants, training for personnel who passed the civil service examinations, and promotion training. Evaluation will focus on the Reaction and Learning levels, and for training of personnel promoted to higher ranks, the Commission will formulate methods to evaluate training at the Behavior and Results levels. The results of such evaluations will then serve as reference for the further improvement of training methods and techniques.  

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